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Jack - Our Mascot

“Settler’s Pond is a rescue and shelter for approximately 350 exotic, domestic and farm animals. The majority of our animals have been rescued from abusive and/or neglectful environments, or have been abandoned. We are funded by donations that are used to provide food, medical care and shelter. Monetary donations can be accepted at the shelter or by using the donate button below. Click to check out our wish list.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible.”


We are home to horses, goats, sheep, llamas, kangaroos, zebras, camels, squirrels, dogs, cats and more. We foster animals for zoos and wildlife shelters. We have an unending love for all animals and our goal is to be a help to them, no matter what problems they are facing.

Bring your family, friends or group for an educational and fun day at the Pond! We are very flexible with our schedule for groups. Enjoy our Indoor Petting Zoo, Museum, Straw Maze Corn Maze, Fiberglass Milking Cow, Seed Tables, Egg Display and Putt Putt Mini Golf. Don't miss the Joyce Dennehy Exhibit, home of the largest African Spurred Sulcuta Tortoises in the country, along with Pandagonian Cavys and Munt Jac Deer. Depending upon our residents at the time of your visit, see wildlife rehabilitation as it happens. Rides are also available, including the Barrel Train, Wagon Ride and other Carnival Rides, each for a small fee.



Our Red Kangaroo, Jack, arrived here quite ill at seven weeks old. He is now thriving and healthy. He is a real cutie. He is now full grown and the mascot for the Chicago Black Hawks.

Fred the Tortoise


He is an 80-pound African Spurred sulcata tortoise. Fred's beloved owner passed away recently and we have agreed to take care of him for the winter. Fred is very freindly. He meanders around the house and on nice days you can find him outside by the concession stand greeting visitors. When Fred is in the house on cold days and at night, he has found a favorite place, next to Jingles the paralyzed Kangaroo.

Lulu the Marmoset


LuLu is a marmoset monkey. She is about 10 months old now. She needed to have two toes removed, but she is getting around fine! We are in need of monetary donations for her care. Please help when you can.

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